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How to Trim and Shape your Eyebrows at Home

Eyebrow Scissors

Eyebrows are certainly that part of your face that you never want to neglect. Unfortunately, they tend to grow pretty quickly, and the cost of eyebrow shaping through professional threading, plucking, or waxing tends to add up over time. If you feel trapped in the endless salon visits and dishing out cash, then why not try and tame them right in the comfort of your own home? Before writing off doing it yourself out of fear that you will butcher them up, read through these helpful tips, and see for yourself how easy it can be.


Invest in The Right Tools 

One of the main reasons why people mess up their eyebrows when doing it themselves is because they are using the wrong tools for the job. What you will want to do is find an excellent eyebrow scissors kit, which should contain very small eyebrow trimmers, a brow brush, and a comb to give you the best results. Though you will spend some money upfront, it will save you tons down the road.  


Easy Step by Step Guide 

Okay, so by this point, you have the right gear and are ready to go. The next thing you will want to do is follow this step by step guide so you can ensure that you will achieve perfect results.


  1. Study Your Face - Take some time to look at your face and find out what you want your eyebrows to look like when done. Also, examine areas that you need to tackle and what parts should be left alone. Decide if you are going for a new shape altogether, or just want a trim.


  1. Comb Your Eyebrows Upward - Using your comb, brush your eyebrow hair in an upwards direction. This will make it look busy and gnarled, which is what you want.


  1. Trim Along Your Brow Line - Next, take your small scissors and get as close to your mirror as you can. Cut away any hair that stands up over your brow line without compromising the shape. When done, you should have the same form as you started, but much tidier.


  1. Style Back to Normal - The last step is to brush the hair back in its original place. If you are feeling confident, you can always use some tweezers to get any outlying hair that is not a part of the brow line. Just make sure to be cautious about over-plucking because it can quickly go south if not carefully done.



It is no secret that eyebrow shaping and trimming can be something terrifying to do on your own. after all, this is your face we are talking about. But trust me that when I say with the right eyebrow essential tools, you can have salon looking eyebrows with every in-home session. I promise that it is a lot easier than you may think. So just take your time, keep practising, and you will be your own personal pro in no time.

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